1. What are the operational benefits of Mint-X rodent and cockroach REPELLENT garbage bags?

Mint-X Rat and Cockroach REPELLENT Garbage Bags work as Pest and Odour Control Garbage Bags. These two very unique features provide multiple benefits. Some of the major operational benefits of Mint-X REPELLENT Garbage Bags are

  1. Get rid of rats around the garbage collection areas, bin rooms and loading docks.
  2. Get rid of cockroaches from commercial kitchens.
  3. Get rid of fruit flies around bins .
  4. Get rid of Ibis birds and crows making a mess when garbage dumpsters overflow or from outdoor bins.
  5. Improve Loading Dock or Bin Room Smell and garbage dumpster smell from unpleasant or overpowering to neutral or pleasant minty smell.
  6. Save Money from Bin Cleaning and Expensive Deodorising costs – Mint-X rodent and cockroach repellent garbage bags will keep the bins relatively clean reducing bin cleaning requirements significantly. Reduces water consumption and costs. Eliminates pooling of water in loading docks, and the grime that ends up on the ground after each bin clean or down the drain and into the harbour. Save on costs and need to deodorise the bins.
  7. Save Money from Pest Control Costs – As your pest control situation noticeably improves with Mint-X bags, then you can reduce the frequency of Pest Control, saving you money and improving pest issues.
  8. Save Money from Waste Management Issues – Rotten smell of food waste and the pests attracted to food waste is a major and natural human deterrent for staff and tenants to properly manage waste. Field experience proves that a bin room or loading dock with a nice Mint-X smell and no pests to be seen, makes a big difference to a positive behavioural shift in attitude to managing and properly separating waste, as recycled waste is much cheaper than general waste.
  9. EPA on Odours and The Law –  “causing an odour may constitute environmental nuisance, an offence under Section 82 of the Act”. http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/sa/consol_act/epa1993284/s82.html Many loading docks and bin rooms, the smell is way beyond a nuisance. Mint-X REPELLENT garbage bags can assist with neutralizing the garbage odour, which also improves staff morale and improves compliance towards many other Waste Management initiatives, which can make significant cost reductions to your business or property.
2. Do the Mint-X rodent and cockroach REPELLENT garbage bags really work?


Mint-X garbage bags have been in use in the USA (and Canada) for at least 10 years, where they are sold all over the US and Canada to repel rats, mice and other pests. In 2014, Mint-X Repellent Garbage Bags won product of the year in 2014 in USA.

Mint-X REPELLENT Garbage Bags take from 1 day to 4 weeks for staff to notice the improvement. For example, the staff that empty the garbage bin will notice the benefits a lot faster than Management, which are not involved in day to day bin activities.

Furthermore, some food businesses have reported that after a week of using Mint-X REPELLENT Bags, they notice that cockroaches will be spotted on walls in daytime trying to leave the kitchen. This is the exit phase where cockroaches can no longer put up with the all-natural Mint-X smell and have to leave the kitchen. This scent is not strong enough for staff (or the human nose) to smell the Mint-X scent in the kitchen unless staff get close to a Mint-X bag.

Mint-X Rodent and Cockroach REPELLENT Garbage Bags are also known to repel flies, fruit flies, ibis, crows, magpies, possums and other animals that use their strong sense of smell to find their next meal.

Furthermore, Mint-X Rodent and Cockroach REPELLENT Garbage Bags have also been tested and approved to ensure that they are effective against these pests and safe for people to touch, use and smell by an Australian federal government authority – APVMA, no 67230.

3. What chemicals are in Mint-X bags?

No chemicals. The active ingredients of Mint-X rat and cockroach REPELLENT garbage bags are food grade natural oils. The other ingredient is the recycled plastic, which garbage bags are made from. It is the specially selected natural oils that cockroaches and other pests do not like, and repel these pests to look for their food source elsewhere, keeping your business free from nightly visit of rats and cockroaches.

4. How long will the scent of the Mint-X REPELLENT garbage bags last while in the bag or box?

The Mint-X REPELLENT Garbage Bags will last for years while they are in the box or in the packet. The scent starts to dissipate when the bags are opened out for use in a bin. However, when the scent can no longer be detected by a person, the bags repellency qualities will continue to work 1 to 2 weeks when opened out, as most pests have a very strong sense of smell, which is many times stronger than the human sense of smell.

5. How long will the Mint-X rodent REPELLENT garbage bags be effective for?

Mint-X garbage bags’ minty smell has been tested and proven to last at least 7 days and proven up to 14 days in the field. The minty scent will dissipate slowly as the bags are removed from their packet, but still be effective remembering that the human sense of smell is not as sensitive as a cockroach or rat’s sense of smell. The mint scent is at its strongest when taken out of the box or packaging, but may still be effective if it can not be smelt by a person.

6. Will the Mint-X rodent and cockroach REPELLENT garbage bags kill rats?

No. Mint-X garbage bags have no chemicals.

The Mint-X REPELLENT garbage bags repel the rats from chewing into the garbage bags, which often have food scraps in them. By stopping rats from accessing this food source, it drives rats to other areas or force them to the bait stations for their next meal, improving the pest control situation.

The Mint-X REPELLENT garbage bags also repel cockroaches away from bins with Mint-X bags. This means that cockroaches can no longer feed from Mint-X bins, whether there are a few scraps thrown in the bin bag after it has been emptied, or there a few crumbs sitting at the bottom of the bin at night.

Stopping this access to food is a critical consideration as it means that cockroaches can no longer survive in a Mint-X kitchen as they can not feed and therefore can not breed. Forcing them to go to bait stations or elsewhere away from your business.

7. Are the Mint-X REPELLENT garbage bags safe for me and my workers?

Yes. The Mint-X rodent and cockroach REPELLENT garbage bags have been tested by the USA EPA and the Australian Pesticide & Veterinary Medicine Authority (APVMA), a federal government authority, to be safe for humans and safe for pets. The active ingredients are food grade natural oils. No chemicals!

8. What other pests do Mint-X rodent and cockroach REPELLENT garbage bags work on?

Feedback received from Australian and American end users include the following pests that Mint-X bags work on. Naturally rats, mice and cockroaches, but also ibis, crows, magpies, flies and fruit flies. In the USA, reports also include the ability to repel possums, racoons, squirrels, and even deer and bears that forage in garbage bins and dumpsters. All these pests, and animals, use their strong sense of smell to find their next meal. Mint-X bags stops these pests feeding from your bin areas.

9. What is the cost of Mint-X rodent and cockroach REPELLENT garbage bags?

The Premium Mint-X REPELLENT garbage bags are similar in price to what most businesses would be paying for normal garbage bags. However, for those that need thicker bags, then we also have the Heavy Duty Mint-X REPELLENT bags. Mint-X REPELLENT garbage bags represent a saving to most food businesses as every business is already using normal garbage bags. Plus you receive the following additional benefits to your business for FREE!

  1. An all natural, pest control tool.
  2. A garbage stench neutraliser.
  3. A smart way to reduce business costs.
  4. An Operational Excellence tool, and
  5. A strong and heavy duty garbage bag.
10. What are the Mint-X rodent and cockroach REPELLENT garbage bag sizes?

Mint-X REPELLENT garbage bags come in several sizes and thickness. Available sizes are 54L, 73L, 82L, 120L and 240L. Click on Brochure for more info.

11. Where can I buy Mint-X Rodent and Cockroach REPELLENT Garbage Bags

Most businesses are able to buy their Mint-X REPELLENT garbage bags through their existing suppliers, such as their food and drink packaging supplier or from their cleaning or janitorial products supplier. Tailored Packaging has hundreds of Wholesalers (resellers) across Australia. If you are not sure which of your suppliers you can buy Mint-X bags from, then contact us and we can guide you.

Tailored Packaging is one of Australia’s largest disposable packaging products suppliers, where you are most likely already buying and using Tailored Packaging high quality products, through one of our hundreds of suppliers around Australia.

Guide for optimal results

Mint-X rodent and cockroach REPELLENT garbage bags
achieve results from the second day to within 3 weeks. The
variation depends on many factors, but the results do come. So
below are a few more tips if you have a tough challenge in your
area for getting rid of the rats and cockroaches.

Here are some important tips on how to achieve optimal results with Mint-X.

1. The Mint-X Garbage Bag becomes more effective with repetitive usage.

Rats are creatures of habit. This is the very reason why your garbage gets torn into by the same rats every night. Just as they learnt that your house/property is the one with the delicious food, they will learn that your garbage is now the one that smells of terrible mint… and they’ll learn to stay away.

The Mint-X Garbage Bags have been proven to reduce animal torn bags with a 100% success rate. If you just bought Mint-X Garbage Bags and noticed that your bags were still torn into after the first night of usage, it’s OK. This is known to happen in some occasions. Continue using the Mint-X Bags. The curious rats will soon learn to stay away from the Mint-X Bags altogether and likely to disappear from your area.

2. Use only Mint-X Rodent and Cockroach REPELLENT Garbage Bags. Do not mix with normal garbage bags to gain maximum benefit.

When using garbage bags, be sure to use only Mint-X Garbage Bags. It is important not to mix standard garbage bags with Mint-X Garbage Bags. Use only Mint-X Garbage Bags to create a Mint-X force field to repel rats from your garbage collection area.

3. Clean out any garbage container or storage area when using Mint-X bags.

The scent of food residue lingers in your garbage dumpsters long after humans are able to smell it. By cleaning out your garbage dumpster, you will ensure that the scent of food that sticks to the walls of the garbage dumpster does not rub off onto the Mint-X Bag, thus defeating the purpose of the mint scent. This cleaning also helps get rid of the remaining stench within garbage dumpsters, to improve the smell of the garbage collection area to achieve best results.

4. For best results, keep Mint-X bags in their plastic packet to maximise scent retention. Only open out when ready to use.

The strength of the Mint-X natural oils dissipates when taken out for use. Therefore, it is important to use the bag while the scent is the strongest and keep the Mint-X bags in the easy dispense packet, when not in use. The time from bag removal to garbage pickup should not exceed 7 days for optimal results

5. If you have a rat problem, put out bait stations in conjunction with the Mint-X REPELLENT Garbage Bags.

Using only the Mint-X Garbage Bag as a means to solving your rat problem may not be sufficient. The Mint-X Garbage Bag is an extremely effective tool for keeping rats from tearing into your garbage and stopping them from this common food source. Mint-X garbage bags do not kill rats. Additional measures need to be taken to ensure that the rats are gone for good. The primary goal of the Mint-X Garbage Bag is to cut off the human food source and drive rats to find alternative food sources such as bait stations, unless they move to their next area where standard garbage bags are used.

Mint-X rodent and cockroach REPELLENT garbage bags are an amazing
product, providing food businesses with cost saving and significant
multiple operational benefits in pest management, odour management
and waste management, all from one, simple to use product!

Mint-X gets rid of garbage stench

Delightful minty fragrance from nature

Chemical free and safe to touch and smell

Mint-X Repels Rats and Mice from bins

Mint-X Keeps Ibis and birds away

Repels cockroaches away from Mint-X

Mint-X Rodent and Cockroach REPELLENT Garbage Bags

Are available through multiple wholesalers of food packaging, cleaning products and stationery products. So order your Mint-X bags Today so that you can enjoy the multiple benefits and savings that Mint-X bags can bring to your business as well!