Mint-X REPELLENT bags work as a Pest and Odour Control garbage bag, where the special minty formula works to neutralise the stench of garbage and keep the pests away. This odour neutralising benefit of Mint-X REPELLENT bags translates into multiple areas of savings for various businesses, including Councils and Body Corporates, with several benefits to our environment. The heavy duty garbage bags also means that the bags do not tear as easily like normal garbage bags, keeping the bins clean, eliminating the need for frequent bin washing and getting rid of smell in bin rooms and loading docks.



The 14 Costly Mistakes Businesses Make When Managing Waste

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In this FREE Report, find out how to reduce costs and/or improve
operations in any one of the following areas of waste management

  • Improve Bin Room smell, including loading docks and compactor rooms.
  • How Councils can reduce landfill costs based on what other Councils have already implemented.
  • Councils looking to reduce waste costs associated with public place bin washing.
  • Significant savings in water, an essential resource, with unnecessary water wastage due to bin washing mindset.
  • Eliminate the need of using chemicals in bins and chemical sprays in bin rooms.
  • Stop illegal and environmental unfriendly practices of washing of grime and chemicals from bins into drains and into our waterways.
  • How businesses and Councils can reduce costs with re-use of Mint-X REPELLENT Garbage Bags.
  • Sustainable alternatives for Waste Management practices within high rise buildings for Commercial Property Managers / Owners and Body Corporates.
  • How Cleaning Contractors or Property Managers can reduce costs and improve margins by avoiding bin washing.
  • How Property Managers can comply with EPA ACT requirements, where “odour even a nuisance, is an offence”
  • How to make Organic Waste financially attractive to large food businesses and reduce business costs.
  • How Cleaning Contractors and Facility Managers can create a competitive advantage for their business by adopting innovation rather than waiting to have innovation thrust upon them and follow the pack.
  • How Property Managers can save thousands of dollars by avoiding the need for odour control equipment.
  • How Businesses can “Recycle More, Waste Less” by adopting the Missing Link.

Everyone knows that garbage stinks!

The use of standard garbage bags with rotting food creates a terrible stench, even for food businesses that have their waste picked up daily. This terrible smell also attracts many pests to bin rooms and loading docks. When the bins are emptied, the bins require regular bin washing, or putting up with the smell.

If your bin is in an enclosed area, then the smell would cause most people to be sick from the smell, affecting staff morale as all people HATE the STENCH of garbage and the SIGHT of pests.

“See How Council Reduced Costs By Eliminating Bin Odour & Bin Washing with Mint-X Bags”

Save Money If You Manage High Rise Commercial and / or Residential Buildings

Many commercial and residential high rise building Managers use contract cleaners, facility service providers or their own personnel to wash wheelie bins, as these bins smell. However, water washing of bins is not very effective but this seemingly low cost attempt to clean the bins has been better than doing nothing… Until Now!

Using the Heavy Duty Mint-X REPELLENT garbage bags means that the pleasant minty scent neutralises the bin smell and after a short period the pleasant Mint-X smell is also slowly absorbed into the plastic wheelie bin. This provides the bins with a pleasant minty smell or a neutral smell, eliminating the need to regularly wash the bins. Furthermore, avoiding washing of bins means that the water run off from the bins is not washed down the drains and into our waterways. An undesirable practice that many businesses still perform, which is illegal, wastes water, not a sustainable practice and a detrimental environmental impact.

Mint-X Bags Less Likely to Tear – Saving You Money

The heavy duty Mint-X bags also means that the bags are less likely to tear, thereby eliminating the need to wash any grime off the bin walls. Some users have even been able to re-use Mint-X 120L and 240L bags for multiple uses before replacing a Mint-X bag, providing further financial savings.
When the bag is positioned in a wheelie bin, it is usually puffy with air pockets. As the bin fills up, the air is pushed out, with the plastic bag sitting nicely up against the bin wall.

When the wheelie bin is up-ended to be emptied, the Mint-X bag remains in position, with the contents falling out, as there is a slight vacuum between the bin wall and the Mint-X bag, allowing for multiple re-use. When the Mint-X bag needs to be changed, the tied knot at the top of the wheelie bin is released allowing the Mint-X bag to fall in with the rest of the waste.

Multiple Mint-X Bag Re-Use – Finally Makes Organic Waste Financially Viable for Businesses

If you use wheelie bins as your kitchen bins, then you may be able to save money with Organic Waste. The multiple re-use of Mint-X bags means that Mint-X bags can also be used for Organic Waste to solve multiple food business challenges. These challenges are to eliminate stench of rotting food, reduce costs to businesses by using significantly less bags, making organic waste financially viable for businesses, keeping pests away from organic waste, eliminate and save on bin washing costs and disposing the Mint-X bag in the general waste bin when empty after multiple re-use.

Mint-X Bags Help Motivate Your Staff to Think of Waste as a Resource Saving You Money

Many Government organisations are recommending and forcing businesses to manage their waste better, due to an increase in costs of landfill and to reduce the impact on our environment. Mint-X Pest and Odour Control benefits translates to sizeable savings for your waste management costs by allowing your valuable staff to be motivated and allow them to work efficiently in what has been a smelly and highly undesirable area. Using Mint-X bags, allows your personnel to be able to treat your bin room more like a resource room to reduce operational costs, rather than “dump the garbage and get the hell out of there!”

Mint-X Bags Eliminate the need for Expensive Odour Control Equipment

Many businesses are forced to use expensive electronic odour control equipment just to neutralise the stench of garbage in bin rooms and loading docks. These electronic machines cost thousands of dollars to buy and incur ongoing operational and maintenance costs, and do nothing to get rid of the pests. Switching to the use of Mint-X Pest and Odour Control garbage bags gets rid of the stench and the pests, while avoiding large capital investments and saving on additional electricity costs. The multiple benefits of Mint-X bags provides many operational advantages and savings to many organisations dealing with waste.

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Mint-X Rodent and Cockroach REPELLENT Garbage Bags are available through multiple wholesalers of food packaging, cleaning
products and stationery products. So order your Mint-X bags Today so that you can enjoy the multiple benefits and savings that
Mint-X bags can bring to your business as well!

Mint-X gets rid of garbage stench

Delightful minty fragrance from nature

Chemical free and safe to touch and smell

Mint-X Repels Rats and Mice from bins

Mint-X Keeps Ibis and birds away

Repels cockroaches away from Mint-X