Authorities are coming down hard on restaurants and cafés that don’t have sufficient “pest deterrent plans” in operation.

Don’t leave your food business open to the possibility of fines or closure. After all, Australian Food Safety Standards, 3.2.2, Para 24, clearly state “A food business must take all practicable measures to eradicate and prevent the harbourage of pests on the food premises”.

Watch this video to see how this innovative and proven minty – aroma garbage bag repels cockroaches, rats and other pests.

At last, you can leave your restaurant or café at night, enjoying peace of mind that grubby, disease-carrying pests are not feasting freely because of your standard garbage bags!

Mint-X Garbage Bags REPEL cockroaches, rats and other pests – whereas standard garbage bags are like a “Dinner Invitation” to such vermin!

We understand that as a café, restaurant or food outlet owner, you do your best to keep your premises and kitchen clean. However, you know that getting rid of cockroaches from your kitchen and rats from your garbage dumpster area is an ongoing, management-intensive challenge!

Now here’s a really scary “fact” for you. State health authorities are getting more vigilant about pest-related problems and cleanliness for food businesses. For example, the NSW Food Authorities “Name and Shame File Register” actually lists offending food outlets for the public to see which have been fined.

The webpage at gives such food businesses a very “undesirable reputation.”

Don’t live with the risk of having cockroaches in your kitchen and rats thriving from your garbage dumpster at night.

You now have the opportunity to use this miracle Mint-X “rodent and cockroach” REPELLENT garbage bags that can provide you with peace of mind.

The mint-aroma repels such pests and stops rats from chewing through the actual bag.

The end result is that cockroaches struggle to feed around Mint-x bags and end up leaving the kitchen in order to survive. While rats can no longer feed from the dumpsters outside, and are forced to go to bait stations or away from your food business for their next meal.

Noting most food businesses already use “normal” garbage bags, making the switch to Mint-X REPELLENT garbage bags is very simple. Mint-X bags are available from your existing packaging or cleaning suppliers and the Premium Mint-X bags are similar in price to your “normal” garbage bags. A food business owner or manager would have to be crazy not to want to gain the multiple benefits that Mint-X REPELLENT garbage bags offer!

Most Food Business Managers do not realise that the Occasional Cockroach Spotted
During Working Hours Translates to a Disgusting Situation in the Kitchen When the Staff Have
Gone Home and the Lights are Off.


  • Standard garbage bags with food scraps attract pests such as cockroaches, rats, mice and other pests.Businesses that serve food and have a tidy food service area are continually trying to fight off the pests that come to their kitchen and garbage collection areas.
  • Standard garbage bags that are used in your commercial kitchen and end up in you garbage collection area are a magnet of continual food supply for rats and other pests every day and night.
  • A big problem with standard garbage bags is the stench of rotting food, which leads to regular bin washing that takes valuable hours of a staff member’s time.This leads to washing grime onto the floor or worse still, down the drains and into rivers and harbours.Then there are further costs to deodorise the bins so that they don’t have the terrible stench.
  • There’s no doubt that you are dealing with an ongoing human health risk if your current garbage bags are attracting rats and other pests every day.This is a potential liability which no food business owner wants to live with.


  • Mint-X bags repel rats, mice and cockroaches, significantly improving overall pest control in commercial kitchens.Mint-X repellent garbage bags are proven to repel rats, cockroaches and other pests from commercial kitchen bins and garbage collection areas.
  • The Mint-X smell keeps pests away from these areas and forces them to go elsewhere to find their next meal.
  • Mint-X repellent garbage bags are chemical-free with four natural oils infused into the bags.The Mint-X formula has a pleasant smell to humans because it has mint and eucalyptus as part of the product, which rats and other pests don’t like.The concept has been taken from “companion gardening” logic, which has been used for centuries to keep pests away from vegetable gardens by using mint and other specially selected herbs.
  • Mint-X bags are tested and proven to be safe for humans and effective against these pests by an Australian Federal Government Authority, APVMA no. 67230.Food business owners now have a sustainable and cost-effective solution to keep pests away from their business, in order to comply to food safety standards.
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See What Business Owners Have To Say About Mint-X Repellent Bags

Mint-X bags are a proven winning product in the USA and American cafés, restaurants and food outlets have been benefiting from
this breakthrough for the last ten years. Mint-X REPELLENT bags are now available to Australian food businesses through their existing packaging or cleaning suppliers.

You’ll see below a range of typical comments we receive back from Australian café, restaurant and other food business owners.*

*These videos are recreations of actual comments from Australian café restaurant owners – for obvious reasons, the identity of the business remains confidential.


Make no mistake, the Mint-X garbage bags are a dynamic breakthrough for the food industry.

If you’ve been concerned about the ongoing challenge of eradicating cockroaches and other pests from your kitchen or dumpster area, our Mint-X garbage bags are a game-changer for you!

Here’s just some of the comments we have received from food outlet business owners or managers:

  • We had a rat problem around our garbage dumpster, and within a couple of weeks, they’ve all gone.
  • Like a lot of cafés, we suffer from seeing cockroaches in the kitchen, especially at night or early morning, no matter what we did. Now they have disappeared with Mint-X bags.
  • They were available from my existing packaging supplier, and for a similar price to the normal garbage bags I was using. There really was no reason not to give the Mint-X bags a go. And they really work!
  • The flies around our garbage dumpster have just about disappeared.
  • We had an ibis and magpie problem which was a real nuisance and created a mess around our dumpster area. Now they make a mess on our neighbour’s dumpster, and keep away from our Mint-X dumpster.
  • The great thing about Mint-X bags is that they don’t tear and leak like standard bags.
  • Our bin room smell has now gone using Mint-X bags – big bonus!
  • Our staff are much happier doing bin-duty because the garbage bin smell is now neutral to minty.

Here’s just some of the comments we have received from food outlet business owners or managers:

  • Keep away the ibis, magpies and crows from the garbage dumpsters.
  • Have also been reported to significantly reduce the number of “fruit flies” in kitchens and “vinegar flies” in bars.
  • Also eliminate maggots in garbage bins during warmer weather.
  • Stops ants from crawling into bins, especially bins with sugary drinks – usually a magnet for ants!

Mint-X Rodent and Cockroach REPELLENT Garbage Bags

Are available through multiple wholesalers of food packaging, cleaning products and stationery products. So order your Mint-X bags Today so that you can enjoy the multiple benefits and savings that Mint-X bags can bring to your business as well!